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Ensure the safety and compliance of your electrical systems with ease – trust the expertise of certified electricians available through the Home+ app to swiftly handle your certificate of compliance, giving you peace of mind and a secure home.

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Certificate of compliance? Get it sorted with Home+

Ensuring electrical safety within homes is paramount, making the assistance of a qualified electrician for obtaining a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) indispensable. The CoC validates that electrical installations comply with regulatory standards, minimizing risks of fire, shocks, or other hazards. In this context, utilizing the Home+ app to engage professional electricians offers a secure and convenient solution.

Expert electricians accessible through the Home+ app possess the requisite knowledge to assess, repair, and certify electrical systems. This not only safeguards inhabitants from potential dangers but also guarantees compliance with legal obligations. The app's streamlined process expedites booking, enhances scheduling flexibility, and assures a prompt response from skilled electricians, eliminating the complexities of manual searches. By harnessing the Home+ app's intuitive platform, homeowners prioritize safety, ease, and compliance, securing their living spaces against electrical risks.

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Weitone Kandalasi

Weitone Kandalasi

Western Cape

I am an electrician by profession and highly skilled Technician who can do most of the appliances repairs.handyman jobs and is flexible to work with. smart and efficient

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Bix Hobyane

Bix Hobyane


I'm an Electrician by profession,working in different industries on all backup systems (generators,inverters, general Property maintenance and repairs). I'm a male South African black youth working with women

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David Watt

David Watt

Western Cape

Experienced Cape Town electrician dedicated to ensuring safe and efficient electrical solutions for residential and commercial clients.

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Get a tradesperson to your door in 4 easy steps:


Create a job on the app and tell us what you need. Describe your situation and even share photos for more clarity. Be sure to confirm your booking


Once your booking is confirmed, we'll connect you with a vetted tradesperson that you can communicate with at all times.


The tradesperson will come on your desired booking day , assess the work and provide a quote.  Your official quote will be viewable on the app. If you’re happy with the quote, simply accept and you job will be booked.


Once quote is approved, payment will be debited

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about

Certificate of Compliance

How can I obtain an Electrical Certificate of Compliance for my home?
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To obtain an Electrical Certificate of Compliance for your home, ensure that all electrical installations and repairs are performed by a qualified electrician. They will inspect and test the electrical work, ensuring it complies with safety standards. For a convenient solution, consider using the Home+ app to connect with skilled electricians who can assist you in obtaining the necessary certification.

Can I do the Electrical Certificate of Compliance process myself?
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It's recommended to have a qualified electrician handle the Electrical Certificate of Compliance process. They possess the expertise to assess and certify your electrical work correctly. The Home+ app can assist you in finding professional electricians near you, making it easier to ensure your home's electrical safety and compliance.

How can the Home+ app help me with my Electrical Certificate of Compliance?
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The Home+ app connects homeowners with experienced electricians who can perform inspections, tests, and necessary repairs to ensure compliance with electrical safety standards. By utilizing the app, you can easily find reliable professionals who will assist you in obtaining your Electrical Certificate of Compliance, ensuring your home's electrical systems are safe and up to code.

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"Home+ has been a life-saver! My husband never gets things done around the house and having an app like this makes life so much easier."

Lucy Ndlovu
Western Cape
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