Cost of fixing a burst geyser

Looking for a cost estimation for fixing your burst geyser? Learn more about the hourly rates, fees and typical costs associated with hiring a professional plumber to fix your burst geyser in South Africa

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*The rates above are estimates based on national averages.  Rates and prices can vary greatly based on specific circumstances, location, severity of your problem, etc.

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Comprehensive cost guide on fixing a burst geyser

For South African households, a functioning geyser is not a luxury but a necessity. Geysers provide us with hot water for everything from daily showers to washing dishes. However, the inconvenience of a burst geyser can bring a home's routine to a standstill, particularly in the colder regions such as the Highveld or during chilly winter months. Fixing a burst geyser in South Africa involves not only the replacement or repair of the unit itself but also dealing with water damage and ensuring compliance with SANS 10254 regulations regarding the installation and repair of hot water systems.

Average Burst Geyser Repair Costs

In South Africa, the national average cost for geyser repairs can vary significantly based on the extent of the damage, the type of geyser (electric, solar, or gas), and the capacity of the unit. Typically, homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between R2,000 to R8,000. This price includes the cost of materials such as new valves or thermostats and labour. In the case where a new geyser is required, costs can escalate to R6,000 - R12,000, depending on the brand, size, and type of geyser selected.

Estimated Costs Associated with fixing a burst geyser

Below is a list of estimated costs for materials, labour, and additional fees:

  • New Geyser Unit: R5,000 - R10,000 for a standard 150-litre electric geyser.
  • Thermostat and Element: R300 - R800 each.
  • Pressure Control Valve: R500 - R1,200.
  • Safety Valve: R200 - R500.
  • Labour: R450 - R1,500 per day (varies based on the complexity of the job).
  • Call Out Fee: R350 - R750 (depending on the distance and urgency).
  • Water Damage Repairs: Varies widely, could be R1,000+.
  • Compliance Certificate: Around R450 - R650.

How is a burst geyser fixed?

The steps taken to repair a burst geyser in South Africa are:

  1. Turn off the water supply and electrical power to the geyser.
  2. Drain the geyser by attaching a hose to the drain valve.
  3. Remove the damaged geyser (if necessary) and prepare the area for the new unit.
  4. Install the new geyser, ensuring that it is level and securely mounted.
  5. Connect the water supply, making sure all fittings are tight and secure.
  6. Install a new thermostat and element if needed.
  7. Fit new pressure control and safety valves.
  8. Refill the geyser, checking for leaks.
  9. Reconnect the power supply and set the thermostat.
  10. Test the installation to ensure proper operation.
  11. Issue a compliance certificate as per SANS 10254 regulations.

How Long Does It Typically Take to fix a burst geyser?

Fixing a burst geyser can vary in time based on the extent of the damage, the availability of replacement parts, and the speed of the professional plumber. Generally, a straightforward replacement of a standard geyser can take about 2-4 hours. If the damage requires significant repairs to the surrounding area or the plumbing system, it could extend to a full day's work or more. If a new unit needs to be purchased and there is a wait for delivery, this could extend the repair time by days. Here’s a rough breakdown:

  • Assessment and diagnosis: 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Draining and removing the old geyser: 1 to 2 hours
  • Installing the new geyser: 1 to 2 hours
  • Testing and cleanup: 30 minutes to 1 hour

For simple repairs, such as fixing a leak without replacing the unit, it might only take a couple of hours. Always account for additional time if complications arise.

DIY - How can I fix my burst geyser?

While DIY repairs may be tempting, working with geysers involves significant risks, including scalding, electrical shock, and potential water damage from improper installation. It is important to have a good understanding of plumbing and electrical systems before attempting any DIY geyser repairs. If you're skilled in this area, you could save on labour costs by doing some tasks yourself, like draining the geyser or replacing the thermostat.

When Should You Get Professional Help?

Professional help should be sought when:

  • You are not confident in your ability to conduct the repairs safely.
  • The geyser repair requires work on electrical components.
  • Your geyser installation must be compliant with SANS 10254 standards.
  • The job involves extensive water damage restoration.

How to Save Money on when fixing a burst geyser?

To save money on geyser repairs:

  • Schedule regular maintenance to prevent major failures.
  • Compare quotes from different service providers.
  • Opt for high-quality parts that offer longer warranties to reduce the frequency of replacements.
  • Consider a smaller or more energy-efficient geyser if a replacement is needed.
  • Install a geyser blanket and timer to reduce energy costs, which can offset repair costs over time.


Dealing with a burst geyser can be daunting, but Home+ offers an effortless solution. With a convenient app that links homeowners to skilled tradespeople, the stress of finding a reliable professional for your geyser repair or replacement is eliminated. By booking a job online or downloading the app, you can relax while the experts handle your plumbing woes, offering a cost-effective and efficient resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions about burst geysers

Q: How often should I service my geyser?

A: It's recommended to service your geyser every two to three years to maintain its efficiency and prolong its lifespan.

Q: What causes a geyser to burst?

A: Geysers can burst due to corrosion, excessive pressure, a failed thermostat, or an aged tank.

Q: Is it mandatory to have a compliance certificate for geyser installation?

A: Yes, according to South African National Standards (SANS 10254), it is mandatory to have a compliance certificate from a qualified plumber after geyser installation or repair.

Q: Can I install any size geyser in my home?

A: The size of the geyser should match the hot water needs of your household and comply with building regulations and space constraints.

Q: How can I tell if my geyser is failing?

A: Signs of a failing geyser include leaking water, strange noises, inconsistent water temperature, and rusty water color.


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This guide is not intended to substitute for professional advice. Always seek the expertise of a qualified and licensed plumber for any plumbing needs. The user's reliance on any information in this guide is strictly at their own risk. Click here to get a free and accurate quote on your plumbing related needs today.

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