Home+ has officially merged with Kandua, South Africa's leading facilitator of home maintenance services.

Our merger with Kandua is not just a change of name—it's a leap towards enhancing your experience with us. By combining forces, we're expanding our service offerings and enhancing our capabilities to serve you better. Together, we're dedicated to providing unparalleled service quality, reliability, and convenience.

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a new beginning

What's changing?

Discontinuation of Home+ Platform

With this transition, the Home+ app, panic button feature and online utility purchases (water and electricity) will be phased out.

Enhanced Service Offerings

Enjoy access to a much broader range of home maintenance services, all in one place. Kandua.com

Increased Transparency

Get up to 5 free quotes with no obligation when posting a job.

The Countdown is On!

On the 30th of June 2024, the Home+ app, panic button and online utility purchases (water and electricity) will be phased out and we'll fully transition to Kandua.

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What's next?

Don’t hesitate, transitioning to Kandua is easy. Simply visit Kandua.com and discover a world of enhanced home maintenance services at your fingertips.

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to some questions you might have about the merger

Transitioning from Home+ to Kandua: What You Need to Know
Home+ is evolving into Kandua. As one unified company with a shared mission of meeting your home maintenance needs, we're here to serve you better. While the Home+ team remains unchanged, the way you engage with us will be enhanced. Rest assured, all Home+ Heroes are now Kandua Pros. Don't worry! We handle all the transition work for you.
What Do I Need to Do?
As a Home+ Customer, the transition is seamless for you. Instead of booking jobs through our Home+ platforms, simply visit kandua.com to access an expanded list of services. This offers you more options to fulfill your home maintenance needs.
What are the most important things to note that will be affecting me as a user?
The primary change to be aware of is that as of June 30th, booking jobs through the Home+ platform will no longer be available. All your home maintenance needs should now be managed through kandua.com. We suggest unsubscribing from the panic button and other utility services to avoid any disruptions. We also encourage you to explore our updated offerings on our services page to familiarize yourself with the new features. Although the Home+ app has been discontinued, our support channels remain open for assistance.
When will Home+ be sunsetted?
All Home+ services will conclude on June 30th, 2024.
Will I still be able to use the Home+ App?
Regrettably, the Home+ app will cease to operate after June 30th, 2024, and will be removed from app stores.
Will I still be able to download invoices/job details for tax purposes?
Unfotunately, the Home+ app will cease to operate after June 30th, 2024, which means you'll need tolog in and download all relevant invoices and job details that you might require or tax purposes.
Will I still be able to use the Mobile Panic Button?
Your final subscription billing will be at the end of May. The Panic Button will remain active until the end of June.
Do I need to unsubscribe from the mobile panic button?
No - You will not be debited for the panic button subscription in June as this feature will be shut down on June 30th effectively.
Will I still be able to buy electricity through the Home+ app?
Unfortunately, the electricity purchasing feature will no longer be available once we transition to Kandua on 30 June 2024.
Will I still be able to buy water through the Home+ app?
Unfortunately, the water purchasing feature will no longer be available once we transition to Kandua on 30 June 2024.
Will I still be able to book a job with Home+?
Home+ job booking services will conclude on June 30th. As a result, you will no longer be able to schedule a job either online or through the Home+ app.
What if I've scheduled a job after the app shuts down?
After the indicated sunset date, Home+ customers will no longer be able to schedule or book any jobs. No jobs will be able to be scheduled after sunsetting date.
Do I need to deactivate my account?
There's no need to deactivate your account. With the app being discontinued, all future communications will be directed through our Kandua channels instead of the Home+ platform.
I need a job done, should I use Home+ or Kandua?
Choose Kandua! Visit Kandua to find the familiar Home+ Heroes you trust, along with many new Pros. Browse through various Kandua Pro profiles and identify your trusted Home+ Hero by the Home+ badge on their profile.
What information will be shared with Kandua?
Home+ is Kandua, so any details on your profile will be integrated into Kandua's communication channels. This covers basic information such as your name, contact number, and email address. Rest assured, Home+ has never stored any banking or card details; these remain confidential to you. Please be aware that after transitioning to Kandua, we won't have access to any of your previous Home+ job or utilities purchase history.
Who is Kandua?
Kandua.com serves as your household concierge, connecting you with a wide range of skilled service professionals across the country. We bridge the gap between your needs and qualified professionals, known as Kandua Pros. With Kandua, you can easily find the right person for your job and choose from multiple quotes to find a professional that fits your budget. Whether it's household services like plumbing, electrical work, or handyman tasks, or personal services like reupholstery, mechanical repairs, and appliance fixes, Kandua is the online directory you never knew you needed. From the garden to the bedroom, from the pool to the garage, Kandua is your all-in-one solution for home maintenance.
How do I book a job with Kandua?
Booking a job with Kandua is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps to connect with a qualified Kandua Pro ready to tackle your task:

1. Visit kandua.com
2. Enter your location and select the service you need.
3. Specify the type of job required, such as geyser repair for a plumbing request
4. Answer a few questions to help us match you with the perfect Pro.
5. Provide your contact details.
6. Upload photos of the work needed.
7. Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.
And there you have it! Your job request is now posted and in the hands of our skilled Kandua Pros.
I've posted a job on Kandua, what happens next?
Posting a job on Kandua automatically broadcasts your request to Pros in your area. Typically, 1 to 5 interested Pros will purchase your job details. Once they have this information, they'll receive your contact details to discuss the job and schedule a quote. The choice of which Pro to engage with and how is entirely yours.
How do I communicate with my Pro?
To streamline communication and prevent an influx of calls, we recommend not including your contact details in the job description. Instead, Pros will reach out to you after purchasing your job details. From there, you can decide on your preferred method of communication with your chosen Pro.
How long does it take before I receive quotes on Kandua?
After posting a job and a Pro purchases your job details, referred to as a "lead", they can reach out to you.
The time it takes to receive a quote depends on your availability for the Pro to visit your home and how many Pros you want to provide quotes. Typically, this process takes between 1 to 2 days. If you don't get a response and would like your job to be re-advertised, we're more than happy to assist with that.
Please be aware that once a job is linked, communication occurs directly between you and the Pro. Therefore, any follow-up regarding a quote should be conducted directly with the Pro.
What services does Kandua offer?
Kandua provides a wide range of services covering various categories. Explore the tasks we assist with by visiting our website here.
How do I pay for the jobs and services I use through Kandua?
Payments are made directly to the Pros. When you receive quotes and invoices from Kandua, you'll find convenient links to our payment portals. Please be aware that Kandua retains only a 3% transaction fee. We recommend making full payments to Pros only upon satisfactory completion of the work and exercising caution when discussing deposit payments.
NOTE: Kandua does not facilitate payments for services provided by Pros. The quoting and invoicing sent by the Pro is a work management tool provided as a service to the Pro.
How do I request a refund?
Refunds should be directly requested from the Pro who provided the service. Kandua does not manage payments for customers or Pros. All payment terms and agreements are outlined in our terms and conditions, and these terms are mutually agreed upon between you and the Pro.
How do I raise a dispute?
We're here to help resolve any disputes between you and the Pro. Our support team works diligently to ensure you have a positive experience with our platform. However, it's important to note that any agreements with the Pro you choose to hire are made at your own discretion and risk. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions. To raise a dispute, please email us at help@kandua.com.
How do I contact support?
For assistance, please email us at info@kandua.com. Our support team is ready to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.

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