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Looking for reliable plumbers in Johannesburg? Experience the ultimate convenience in resolving household plumbing issues by booking professional plumbers through the Home+ app – the easiest way to get your plumbing problems fixed.

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Hiring a plumber in Johannesburg has never been easier!

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Hiring a plumber in Johannesburg has never been easier!

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Once your booking is confirmed, we'll connect you with a vetted tradesperson that you can communicate with at all times.


The tradesperson will come on your desired booking day , assess the work and provide a quote.  Your official quote will be viewable on the app. If you’re happy with the quote, simply accept and you job will be booked.


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All of our tradespeople are vetted by our operations team as well as third party organisations. We call them Heroes, because they are skilled, professional and reliable.

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It’s never been easier to find and book reliable tradespeople. Simply download the app, create a job and enjoy getting all of your tasks taken care of.

Are you facing a plumbing problem that's got you feeling a little "in over your head"? We all know that DIY fixes can be tempting, but there are times when you should definitely seek help from a professional plumber in Johannesburg. Leaky faucets, clogged drains, and running toilets may seem like minor nuisances, but they can lead to significant water wastage and costly damage if left unattended.

Consider getting professional help from a plumber in Johannesburg if you're experiencing:

  • Persistent or severe leaks: If you have a faucet that continues to drip despite tightening, or if you're dealing with a significant pipe leak, it's time to call a professional plumber.
  • Clogged drains that won't clear: If plunging or using store-bought drain cleaners doesn't resolve the issue, a professional plumber can identify and address the root cause of the blockage.
  • Low water pressure: Consistently low water pressure throughout your home could indicate a hidden plumbing problem that requires professional assessment and repair.
  • Strange odors or discolored water: Foul smells or discolored water coming from your faucets may signal issues with your plumbing system that should be investigated by a plumber.
  • Plumbing installations and upgrades: When you're installing new fixtures, pipes, or appliances, or if you're planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation, a professional plumber can ensure proper installation and compliance with local codes.
  • Sewer or septic system problems: Issues with your sewer or septic system can lead to health hazards and environmental concerns. A professional plumber is equipped to handle these complex problems.
  • Water heater troubles: If your water heater is malfunctioning, producing strange noises, or not providing hot water, a plumber can diagnose and repair the issue, ensuring your comfort and safety.
  • Frozen or burst pipes: In cold climates, frozen pipes can lead to bursts, causing extensive water damage. A professional plumber can thaw frozen pipes and repair any damage.
  • Noisy plumbing: Unusual sounds, such as banging or clanking pipes, may indicate water hammer or other issues that require professional attention to prevent damage.

Instead of tackling these issues on your own, why not simplify the process by using the Home+ app? Home+ connects homeowners to skilled trade professionals across Johannesburg, ensuring that you have quick access to experienced plumbers who can address your plumbing concerns efficiently and effectively. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can schedule a visit from a reliable plumber and save yourself the hassle and potential mishaps of DIY plumbing repairs. Don't let those small issues become big headaches – download the Home+ app today and make plumbing problems a thing of the past.

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How do I book a Plumber through the Home+app?
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Booking a plumber through the Home+ app is simple. Just open the app, enter the details of your plumbing job, including the description and location. Our app will match you with available plumbers in your area. Sit back and relax while the job get's done

How long does it take to get a Plumber after booking through the Home+ app?
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You can book on-demand (emergency) or planned (a date and time that suits you best) services. You'll get matched with a suitable Home+ Hero depending on the time frame specified. You can rest assured that your job will get done when you need it to.


What information do I need to provide when booking a Plumber on the Home+ app?
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  1. Select what job you need to get done
  2. Describe your needs and add details about the job
  3. Add your payment method
  4. Select a date and time for the job to get done
How do I pay for the Plumbing services through the Home+ app?
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All payments are done through the App following the satisfactory completion of a job. No more hassle with cash. We also ensure the highest quality of service as we will not hand over a payment to a supplier unless the Customer is happy with the service provided.

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