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Need a plumber to help with your burst geyser?

Don't let a burst geyser ruin your day! Swiftly resolve the issue and restore comfort to your home by booking a skilled plumber through the Home+ app. Our trusted professionals specialize in geyser repairs, ensuring a quick and hassle-free fix. Your convenience and peace of mind are our top priorities.

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All of our tradespeople are vetted by our operations team as well as third party organisations. We call them Heroes, because they are skilled, professional and reliable.

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Our app is extremely safe to use. Our tradespeople are vetted and our team is closely monitoring all activity. Payment is also 100% securely made through the app.

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It’s never been easier to find and book reliable tradespeople. Simply download the app, create a job and enjoy getting all of your tasks taken care of.

Burst geyser? Get it sorted with Home+

Burst geysers pose a significant threat to both property and personal safety, underscoring the critical importance of timely repairs. These sudden and often catastrophic failures can result in extensive water damage, disruption of daily activities, and potential health hazards. Resolving burst geysers promptly not only prevents costly property damage but also ensures the continued functioning of essential hot water supply.

Utilizing the Home+ app to book professional plumbers for geyser repairs offers a safe and convenient solution. The app's streamlined process connects homeowners with qualified experts, ensuring that repairs are carried out efficiently and effectively. By accessing skilled professionals through the app, individuals can mitigate risks associated with improper repairs and safeguard their homes and loved ones. The Home+ app's user-friendly interface enhances convenience, making it simple to arrange urgent repairs, minimize downtime, and restore the comfort and safety of the living environment.

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Highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals you can trust.

Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd

Western Cape

Experienced Cape Town plumber dedicated to delivering top-notch plumbing solutions with a reliable and customer-oriented approach.

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Wesley Kwazi Dlamini

Wesley Kwazi Dlamini


I'm an artisan plumber who loves his trade. I am a humble man who is down to earth. I take my work seriously and am a good leader.

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Serge Witkowsky

Serge Witkowsky

Western Cape

We offer all services as per our selection and do also insurance claims and contracting work for agencies. We are your one stop shop for most of your needs.

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How it works

Get a tradesperson to your door in 4 easy steps:


Create a job on the app and tell us what you need. Describe your situation and even share photos for more clarity. Be sure to confirm your booking


Once your booking is confirmed, we'll connect you with a vetted tradesperson that you can communicate with at all times.


The tradesperson will come on your desired booking day , assess the work and provide a quote.  Your official quote will be viewable on the app. If you’re happy with the quote, simply accept and you job will be booked.


Once quote is approved, payment will be debited

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to common questions about

Burst Geyser

What should I do if my geyser bursts?
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If your geyser bursts, the first step is to turn off the water supply and electricity to the geyser immediately. Open all hot water taps in your home to relieve pressure. Next, contact a professional plumber to assess and repair the damage. For quick and efficient assistance, consider using the Home+ app, connecting you with skilled plumbers in your area.

How can I prevent my geyser from bursting?
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Regular maintenance is key to preventing geyser bursts. Check for signs of corrosion, leaks, or unusual noises. Flushing the geyser annually can also help remove sediment buildup. If you're unsure about maintenance tasks, consult a plumber. Remember, the Home+ app offers a convenient way to connect with experienced plumbers for geyser maintenance.

Can I fix a burst geyser myself?
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Repairing a burst geyser is a complex task that requires expertise. It's recommended to avoid attempting DIY repairs, as it can lead to further damage or safety hazards. Instead, reach out to a licensed plumber for professional assistance. You can easily find reliable plumbers through the Home+ app, ensuring a swift resolution to your geyser issues.

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Lucy Ndlovu
Western Cape
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